So, so irritable today. I’m stressing out about finals and this presentation and graduation. On top of a million other obligations from family and friends.

Just let me get through this.

Had a really good talk tonight. (No fighting or anything, it was incredible!) Finally getting some closure and maybe, just maybe, building a foundation to be friends again. I might be awake at 3am, but I am so content. Going to watch Attack on Titan and regret running eight miles earlier, because my spine is not pleased with me.


Wearing a sundress all summer so I can be ready to lift it up and sit on your face at any given point.

Last night was damn near perfect. Burlesque dancers, live music (his sister and her partner have a band called ‘Femme Shui’), booze, new friends and his arm around me. Sneaking around behind the house to make out like teenagers. And he told me he loved me under the stars, by the campfire. I wish I was brave enough to say it back. I’m afraid that if I say the words, I’ll end up getting hurt again.