My ex-boyfriend came over last night after a night of drinking on Mill Avenue with friends. (Don’t be gross—nothing happened.) We just talked about our lives the past year; apologized for how we treated each other. Admitted that we didn’t see each other in our respective futures, but it was nice to feel “okay” again. I missed him. I don’t care how bad our break-up was (or our relationship, for that matter). He was my best friend at one time, and I never would have grown in the ways that I have without having loved him. And lost him. It felt good to be able to reminisce, without wanting him back. I’m so much stronger than that now. And it made it so painfully clear how much I care about Colton, and how much I’m going to miss him while I’m in Europe.

I’m doing better than I thought I would be, but my heart still hurts.

Anonymous: You have great boobs! How do you manage that while also getting thinner??

Thank you. They’ve lost a lot of elasticity, with weight loss. But I’m still a (small) C.